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DeepDive summer school Cambridge

posted Oct 3, 2014, 2:23 PM by Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg   [ updated Oct 14, 2014, 3:28 AM ]
Big Congratulations to team Pembroke College (Devils) for winning the DeepDive boat race against team Jesus College (Angels). It has been a pleasure for all the coaches to be part of Mr Wang Shi DeepDive Summer School.

Lei Liu:
We, the Deep-Dive (winning) team, had the pleasure to be coached by Anna-Rosa. While it was barely 4 weeks of training, it was intense, especially for a group of mid-aged business men and women who were obviously lacking any form of exercise for the last decade. The goal from day-one of the training was to teach eight of us, with absolutely no rowing experience, not only to row but to race against our equivalent counter-team. 

Our opponent was a team of eight exactly like us, since the two teams were symmetrically set by considering age, weight, and physically abilities, therefore when we won, we won fair and square.  If you were to ask anyone in our team, what was the key factor that made us the winning team, the answer would be "Anna-rosa". She is very much a goal oriented coach. With exactly 18 training sessions, she prepared our lesson plans down to every details while focusing on winning the final race. She was tentative to each rower's abilities and weaknesses, which we all have a lot of. She also motivated us at times we needed that the most. Unquestionably that she is a great rower, but what made her a great coach is her observation, patient, and most importantly, her ability to teach. 

I guess at the end, we can't really say that it was a fair race, since we did have a much better coach.