Coaching Course L1

This is an interactive course designed for new coaches (those who are about to start coaching or have recently started coaching). It aims to provide the basic information and structure for planning successful coaching sessions. Participants are encouraged to share their questions and ideas – this is also an opportunity for you to form a coaching support network!

Topics include:

Understanding the learner’s experience:

What is it like to be a learner and how can we adapt our style to make coached sessions a positive experience? We teach you to recognize different learner styles and how to communicate in different ways.

Basic Safety:

What is the coach’s role in maintaining safety? How well do you know the rules of the river? We provide useful ‘pre-flight’ and ‘in-flight’ checks to ensure coxes and crew have a safe outing.

Planning your sessions

How do you best plan your outing to suit the learner’s level and expectation? We discuss what activities might be appropriate and where can you find resources to support your planning. 

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Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg,
Dec 31, 2015, 7:09 AM